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Joanna and Łukasz Frant - privately married, they form a duo also in the field of chamber music. Both of them are members of the piano trio 'AdAstra' and PhD students of the Katowice Academy of Music, Łukasz Frant also holds the position of concertmaster and cello leader of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice.

However, they achieve the greatest harmony, music and musical freedom in a cello-piano duet. Mutual understanding and shared passion allowed them to develop their own style characterized by profound expression, virtuosity and interpretative accuracy.

The duo perfected their skills at the International School of Chamber Music "Scuola Superiore Internationale del Trio di Trieste" in Italy working with members of the famous team. 

They are also the laureates of the International Chamber Music Competition 'Premio del Trio di Trieste' in Italy and the finalist of the 29th Florence International Chamber Music Competition 'Premio Vittorio Gui' in Florence. They give concerts at festivals in Poland and abroad. Their repertoire includes major piano and cello literature - from early classical sonatas through Beethoven, Schubert and Mendelssohn to Szostakowicz, Schnittke, Lutosławski and 21 century music.

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